The Band

Chris Wangelin

Christopher Wangelin has been a musician for over 30 years. His focus on bass guitar began in the mid-1980s and he has concentrated primarily on fretless bass. He has performed with over a dozen groups in New Jersey, Florida, Arizona, and Colorado and has played hundreds of shows in styles ranging from folk and bluegrass to jazz, rock, and virtually everything in between. His passion for music is fueled by the emotional connection of live improvisation and the influence the audience has on the music being created.

Joe Cherry

Joe Cherry has been a disciple of jazz for as long as he can remember. A native of Portland, Oregon, he began playing saxophone as a child and quickly gained the experience and knowledge to propel him to the top of his class. By the time he was a teenager, he picked up his first guitar and never looked back. His life's journey took him across the country to upstate New York and then on to Las Vegas, all the while studying and playing guitar. Upon his latest move to Denver, he received his degree in jazz guitar performance and furthered his abilities by playing with some of the great guitarists of the region. His passion for theory and improvisation allow him to create a dynamic and textural sound and he constantly strives to discover new layers within his playing. A listener and a leader, Joe is determined to make his mark in the jam band community.

Steven Homan

   Steven Homan was born in New Philadelphia, Ohio. As a young child he found a passion for singing, a talent he would develop for the rest of his life. Throughout his childhood and teen years Steven joined many choirs, chorals, and barbershop quartets. He picked up his first pair of drumsticks at the ripe age of 15 and began jamming with friends. After discovering a natural talent, Steven began to master the craft of simultaneously singing and drumming. He helped form the band Funkis in 2002, and was a founding member and original drummer for the Electro-Rock group EP3. In 2006, after leaving EP3, Steven moved to his new home in Evergreen, Colorado. Searching for years to find the right group to start playing with again, in 2009 Steven found Chris, Joe, and Ryan and the band Dorian Vibe was formed. In this jam band filled city he calls home, Steven is dedicated to making his name and the name Dorian Vibe known to all.