Live Pics


"I’ll always be a bit wary of a band that names itself after a mode, but Dorian Vibe are all about the groove, with a loose, open feel that makes their jams inviting and involving rather than noodly and navel gazing. Danceable, melodic material, delivered with relaxed precision, and tons of imagination. This is soulful, exuberant fun from start to finish."

"That’s not to say the traditional psychedelic rock genre went unrepresented. Denver band Dorian Vibe stretched out a long Phish-style set. A band of highly educated musicians, they played as jam band purists, and could have been the house band at Quixote’s, whose collection of Grateful Dead concert posters is surely unmatched. The ample guitar solos and vocal harmonizing harkened The Dead. This band was seasoned, with the momentum to jam all night..."
Jeremy Maxwell - The